When You Pray ... Pray like This

All you need to know about prayer

ISBN- 978-0972422055  

6 x 9   96 Pages  

Paper $11.99    E-book $4.99


When You Pray … Pray Like This, is a soul-searching study on one of the most important aspects of Christian living … Prayer. A few of the topics covered in this study are: 
• How to overcome personal prayer problems 
• God's willingness to answer our prayers 
• Various types of prayers and their effectiveness 
• Examples of Christ's prayer life 
• Worship, meditation and fasting to fortify prayer 
• Acceptance of God's Divine Will  
Included is a 21 Day Prayer Journal that will help you put into practice what you’ve learned to strengthen your prayer life.


All you need to know about Prayer is in this devotional!

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