Fitness Tools

 Fitness - Week Two  

jumping jacks:

Cardio [10 jumping Jacks 2 sets]

30 second rest between sets


Start with legs together with hands at your sides. 

Jump up bringing your hands over your head with legs apart. Return to floor with your hands at your sides.

tricep Curl:

[5-8 lbs  15 Reps  2 Sets  Repeat both arms]


Bend over from the waist in a skiing position, resting one arm on the knee of the leg that is slightly in front of the other.


Clinch the elbow of the arm holding the weight to your waist (side). Bring the weight straight  behind you,

extending the entire arm (try not to jerk your arm back). Bring the weight back to the starting position and repeat.


10 Jumping Jacks

bicep curl:

[5-8 lbs  15 Reps  2 Sets   Repeat both arms]


Stand with knees slightly bent with arm clinched at waist at 90 degree angle.

Squeeze your bicep as you bring the weight up. Hold for 10 seconds, and then slowly bring the weight down.


10 Jumping Jacks

forward front lateral raise:

[5-8 lbs  15 Reps  2 Sets   Repeat both arms]


Stand with knees slightly bent with one arm at your side or one hand on your waist.


Bring the arm with the weight straight up and out, hold for 10 seconds. Slowly bring your arm down. Repeat


10 Jumping Jacks

chest press:

[5-8 lbs  15 Reps  2 Sets]  


Stand with knees slightly bent holding weights in both hand at shoulders.


Bring both arms together pressing and holding for 10 sec. Slowly open to starting position and then repeat.


10 Jumping Jacks

ab crunch:

[Body Weight 25 Reps  3 Sets]


Lay flat on the floor with your legs bent and your hands laced behind your head above your neck.


Lift your head bringing your left elbow towards your raised right knee. Repeat alternating sides (right elbow to left knee, left elbow to right knee). Squeeze your abs as

making sure you keep the center of your back on the floor. Note: You are raising your shoulders not your back! Repeat 25 times for 2 sets.


10 Jumping Jacks

weighted open leg squats:

[8 - 10 lb. weights or double 5 lb. weights

25 Reps 2 sets


Stand with legs apart holding your weight(s). Squat ddownward until you reach a slight sitting position.


Squeeze your glutes as you return upright. Repeat 25 times for 2 sets with 30 sec. rest between.


10 Jumping Jacks